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This week on The John Miller Program John and Phil talk to long time radio pro Frank Magarelli about his long successful career in radio. John got his first big break in radio from Frank in Phoenix, back in the day. And what a day it was. Can you say remote broadcast from a brothel?

Then, John welcomes comedy and music veteran Darryl Rhoades who talks about his new memoir “The Road To Almost… Darryl Rhoades… The Lean years 1950-2024. Darryl’s meeting with The Hardest Working Man In Show Business, James Brown is worth the trip all by itself.


This program was live two days before my birthday, Tuesday is coming, FXXX i am getting old!!

Myself “John Miller”, Rachel Gill, and sidekick Robby “Danger” Davis come back to Studio 1A after my 4 month vacation. First time in over 10 years running KWSS in Scottsdale then moving to San Francisco to help manager Pirate Cat Radio and being Owner/ Founder of FCCFREE Radio and not doing my program. I was pushing podcasting like a dope dealer!

Kurt Weitzmann, Greg Asdourian the very funny Ash Fisher. I tell RachelI would marry her in a heartbeat, and she is a Gold Star….